Scenario Comparison

Simulating scenarios with Logistics Designer precisely mirrors the current situation of your supply chain and answers questions of the kind "What if....?". Alternative concepts for locations, different ways to split up regions, changes in the transport chains, tariffs, and future changes can all be compared and evaluated to facilitate decision-making.

Customize Scenarios

Logistics Designer takes you step by step through assessing the current situation to selecting significant scenarios. Results from optimization methods and your own selection of scenarios can be combined or further developed for purposes of strategic and tactical planning and to find the best solution.

Simulation with scenario comparison

  • Scenarios with varying planning data, network and cost models combined as desired.
  • Integrate optimization results directly into scenarios.
  • Simulate alternate network configurations, tier levels, number and place of locations, region layouts, bundling criteria, and routing rules.
  • Sensitivity analyses in scenarios show the strength of the whole solution.

All Planning Factors at a Glance

You decide which factors are most important for upcoming decisions - Logistics Designer gives you detailed information about costs, service levels, emissions, and other relevant planning factors. The best foundation for sound decisions are not ready-made rigid solutions, but scenario comparisons containing clear and understandable data.

  • Comprehensive comparison of service levels, costs, emissions, and stock.
  • A supply chain simulation that contains order data shows detailed effects as they appear in operation.
  • Scenario comparisons right down to the order or individual item level.
  • Rankings for a direct cost comparison of various tariffs.


Logistics Designer