Network Modeling and Routing

Sophisticated supply chains and logistics networks go by their own rules and relations: they are global, multi-tiered, multi-modal, and contain numerous interdependencies. Models and simulation create clarity and show how changes and alternate circumstances effect the entire system, if, of course, the model includes all of the significant factors.

Logistics Designer mirrors the entire supply chain from end-to-end for the purpose of simulation. In its powerful editor, its innovative engine for network modeling sketches a detailed and clear view of locations, commodity flows, transports, capacities, and constraints.

Detailed Model for Realistic Planning Results

Network Model for Supply Chain Simulation

  • Integrates the entire supply chain from end-to-end.
  • Models multi-tiered, multi-modal networks using dynamic routing rules.
  • Time discrete model that allows for run times, driver schedules, business hours, consolidation, and de-consolidation.
  • Integrated transport and stock simulation at the individual item level.

Model more, edit less

A vivid and clearly-structured editor in Logistics Designer makes it easy to model complex logistics networks. Automatic standard tasks like setting up locations and transport relations allow you to concentrate fully on those tasks that require your complete concentration and know-how.

  • Flexible and clear network modeling in a schematic structure on a map.
  • Automatically adopts network information from planning data.
  • Macros and templates facilitate and automate the generation of comprehensive models.
  • Alternative configurations and parameters can be modeled interactively.


Logistics Designer