Ecological Evaluation

Green logistics, emissions, and climate protection are becoming increasingly more important for supply chains and logistics. Legal requirements and customer expectations make it necessary to evaluate not only costs and service demands, but your company's carbon footprint, too.

Use Logistics Designer to evaluate emissions along the entire supply chain and optimize processes and structures both in terms of economy and ecology.

Emission Evaluation for a Green Supply Chain

Supply Chain Emission Evaluation and Carbon Footprint

  • Simultaneous evaluation of the supply chain's costs and carbon footprint.
  • Emission comparison for alternate transport networks in scenarios.
  • Emissions as caused by vehicles, products, and transport levels.
  • Detailed emissions for multi-modal transports via road transport, rail transport, sea and ship transport, air transport, and inland waterway transport.
  • Ecological evaluation for facilities based on individual features such as storage space and degree of automation.


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