Cost Evaluation

Beyond service levels and performance demands, cost evaluation is at the heart of planning and simulating supply chains: What costs are caused by specific processes and structures? How do costs vary in various scenarios? Instead of rough estimates, Logistics Designer gives you detailed and understandable numbers for planning, tendering, and controlling.

Logistics Designer's high performance cost evaluation is based on LOCOM's years of experience with cost evaluation and tariffs. It has proven its value in numerous projects with an immense variety of tariffs and calculation models for everything from strategic planning to operative freight budget management.

Customize Service and Price Simulation

Logistics Designer uses order data to simulate services and process steps within the logistics network and then create a detailed basis for calculation. Use your own tariffs and calculation models to estimate costs for transport, hub activity, and warehousing.

Calculation Model for Cost Evaluation

  • Comprehensive evaluation of services and process steps by simulating order data.
  • Cost evaluation based on process cost models, tariffs, or other calculation models.
  • Which orders cause which costs.
  • Export freight rates to CARGO for operative freight invoicing.

Flexible Calculation Model with Standardized Elements

Logistics Designer evaluates costs based on individually definable calculating rules for statistical and dynamic costs. Its rule engine editor offers standardized elements and functions that can be combined flexibly and used repeatedly for cost evaluation.

  • Practical graph showing evaluation models in the rule engine editor.
  • Standardized elements combine sophisticated calculations and algorithms like bundling consolidated transports, maximum/minimum procedures, and secondary fees like customs, diesel charges, and tolls.
  • Templates for freight matrixes, house tariffs, Astag, defined regions, weight tables, parking rates, palette rates, etc.
  • Real freight rates can be modeled to contain all peculiarities and extra charges.


Logistics Designer