Tender Management for Logistics Service Providers

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The optimal agreement between a logistic service and its price and fast and reliable tender processing are competition factors for contract logistics.

Use Logistics Designer to analyze in detail the structures of tendered quantities and to respond to customer demands and in-house constraints when writing up bids. Write up customized bids while simultaneously attending to profitability - even through several rounds of negotiations.

Tender Management for Logistics Service Providers

Tender Management Software

Tender Management Freight Matrix
  • Central platform for tender management - cross-regional, international.
  • Standardized structure, template, and calculation models for projects.
  • Powerful routing engine for detailed simulation in a standard network.
  • Alternative routing and scenarios for customer inquiries can be modeled interactively.
  • Flexible calculation basis includes prime costs, margins, tariff comparisons, and sensitivity analyses.
  • Transparent results with clearly identifiable room for negotiation.
  • Export freight rates to CARGO for operative freight invoicing.

Scope of Application for Logistics Service Provider Tender Management

Tender Management Freight Matrix
  • How can the tender be answered using the standard network, customer-specific relations, or outside services?
  • What prime costs can be expected for these transports as tendered?
  • How were comparable bids calculated?
  • In terms of operational economics, which full costs and marginal costs would arise by incorporating additional transports into the existing system?
  • How do changes in quantities and shipping structures effect profitability?


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