Supply Chain Design and Network Planning

Service levels, costs, service demands - supply chains contain many parameters.

Logistics Designer gives you an overview over the entire logistics network; you can simulate changes and see how they influence the overall system. Innovative optimization methods support your strategic and tactic planning. Use concrete facts and realistic scenarios to make sound and transparent decisions.

Software for Supply Chain Design and Network Planning

Supply Chain Planning

  • Simulate, optimize, and analyze the entire supply chain - inbound and outbound.
  • Strategic and tactic planning based on real and representative data.
  • Planning complex, multi-tiered and multi-modal logistic networks.
  • A combination of optimization methods and scenario comparisons proposes well-coordinated and understandable solutions.
  • Clear results that cover planning factors such as costs for transport, hub activity, warehousing, service levels, and the carbon footprint.
  • A sound basis for decision-making based on detailed scenarios and analyses.

Scope of Application for Supply Chain Planning

  • Which location arrangement best meets our current and future demands in terms of procurement and distribution?
  • How do various structures and tiers effect our logistics network?
  • What effects do changes in freight volumes and shipping patterns have?
  • How do new relations effect our service level and total costs?
  • How can we improve capacity exploitation for transports in various regions?
  • Which tariff is overall more economical for customer delivery directly from the central warehouse: door-to-door tariffs or shipment consolidation at a hub?

...Logistics Designer is also in use in the LOCOM Consulting projects Supply Chain Design and Network Planning.


Logistics Designer