Logistics Controlling

Being well-informed enables you to react to new developments as they occur and make the right decisions. To do so, controllers need comprehensive data on logistics processes and structures - which are not so easy to come by, when you look at how functions overlap and complexity increases.

Logistics Designer turns the black box of the logistics network into a well-structured, transparent system. Analyze your cost and service structures, compare your targeted to your real costs, and see which areas create which costs.

Logistics Controlling with Logistics Designer

Logistics Controlling

  • Central information platform for all parties involved.
  • Shared database and tools for planning, freight purchase, tender management, and controlling.
  • Standardized data import from operative systems.
  • Validated database, network modeling, calculation models.
  • Detailed access to standard and ad hoc analyses.
  • Direct access to standard and ad hoc analyses.

Scope of Application for Logistics Controlling

  • How do bidders differ in terms of total costs?
  • Which segments cause which costs portions?
  • Which costs are caused by specific products, customers, locations, or regions?
  • What causes budget deviations?
  • Are resources exploited optimally?
  • Where can savings be achieved?
  • How do structural changes effect costs?


Logistics Designer