Freight Purchase in Industry and Commerce

>> For Logistics Service Providers: Tender Management

Successful tendering begins with careful preparation. Efficient structures in calls for bids and comprehensive bid evaluation brings a double bonus: bids become more economical and their quality improves.

Logistics Designer gives you a standardized tool for planning and the evaluation of all details throughout the entire process. Develop efficient transport structures and create sound arguments for negotiations with logistics service providers.

Freight Purchase and Tendering Support

Software for Freight Purchase and Tendering Support

  • Seamless integration of planning and tendering.
  • Preparing tenders based on network structures, regions, tariffs, and targeted costs.
  • Central management for tender documents, rounds, and bids.
  • Detailed cost evaluation of various response bids for tendered transports.
  • Bid comparison and ranking based on client criteria.
  • Sound positions for negotiations and decisions.
  • Export freight rates to CARGO for operative freight invoicing.

Sample Cases for Freight Purchase and Tendering

Compare bidders for one tender

  • Which regions and transport services are covered by the tender?
  • What data is available for comparison?
  • How should tariffs be set up?
  • Which general and regional service demands are to be met?
  • How do bidders differ in terms of total costs?
  • Which bid is the best for which segment and which region?
  • How do prime costs for transport services relate to current bids?
  • Where is more room for negotiation?
  • What past data can be used to evaluate current bids?
  • How do changes in quantities and shipping structures effect the costs for various bidders?

... Logistics Designer is also used in consulting projects done by LOCOM Consulting for the sectors Transport Planning, Tendering and Contracting.


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