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Scope of Application for Logistics Designer

From Supply Chain Design to Tender Management in One System

Planning supply chains and logistics, contracting, and controlling are all combined in one high performance software package in Logistics Designer to enable universal strategies and solutions for the entire chain of logistics processes.

Logistics Designer - in Use for Supply Chain Design and Tender Management

Supply Chain Design and Network Planning

A sound foundation for decision-making: Logistics Designer gives you an overview of your entire logistics network; you can simulate changes and see exactly how they effect the overall system.

Freight Purchase in Industry and Commerce

Tender and Negotiate Successfully: Logistics Designer gives you a standardized planning and evaluation tool for the entire process.

Tender Management for Logistics Service Providers

Customized bid calculation. Use Logistics Designer to analyze in detail the structures of tendered quantities and to respond to customer demands and in-house constraints when writing up bids.

Logistics Controlling

Clarity about costs, services, and processes: Logistics Designer turns the black box of the logistics network into a well-structured, transparent system.


Logistics Designer