Tariff Optimization

In order to reflect true costs, freight matrixes cannot be worked out on an empty sheet and they cannot be simply delineated from sample tariffs from the past. Good freight matrixes work with individual calculation for each kind of cost, whether for the Tender Management of bids that use special customer or general house tariffs, or for a realistic cost base for planning transports.

Logistics Designer enables you to calculate freight tariffs based on your real shipping and cost data. Matrix Designer's configurable optimization process condenses your data to fill a suitable freight matrix and then helps you to evaluate it in detail and get clear, customized tariff results.

Basing Freight Tariffs on Sound Calculation

Each freight tariff is based on a special, branch-specific cost structure that you define in Logistics Designer and update whenever necessary. Functions for analysis and comparison show whether all freight rates have been calculated to cover all costs, whether cross-subsidizing occurs within tariffs, and which margins can be expected for a given bid.

Matrix Designer Tariff Optimization

  • Detailed cost evaluation at the shipping level provides a basis for optimizing tariffs with Matrix Designer
  • Optimization and direct comparison of transport costs and margins for different tariff configurations
  • Optimized tariff results can be transferred to scenarios and adjusted there
  • Transport cost results are automatically redistributed and analyzed in the simulation
  • Compares costs and profits as currently calculated for tariffs and after taking changes in volumes, bundling effects, and external price factors into account

Mathematic Optimization for the Best Results

You decide exactly what you need from a customized freight tariff for each optimization task that Matrix Designer completes. All settings and reference values will be compared in order to get the best cost structure for the entire freight matrix. Finally you, the tariff expert, compare the mathematic solution with your own experience and decide which adjustments are necessary in order to get the best results possible.

Freight Matrix Optimization

  • Freely definable matrixes containing weight and distance classes, zones, or other cost parameters
  • Calculates absolute cost rates per shipment or relative cost rates per quantity unit, for example, per 100 kg, pallet, loading meter, etc.
  • Optimizes total costs across all tariff classes, taking degression, margins, and minimum or maximum cost rates into account
  • Finish the optimized freight matrix individually by adjusting cost rates and using an automatic smoothing method


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