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LOCOM - Experts in Supply Chain and Network Planning


Volker Klohr,
General Manager

For over 20 years LOCOM has developed systems and solutions for transport management and supply chain planning.

Established in 1988 and seated in Karlsruhe, Germany, LOCOM has built up expertise and experience in all areas of logistics in more than 300 projects completed for notable national and international companies in a wide variety of branches.

LOCOM presently employs a staff of over 40, combining computer science, commercial information technology, German industrial engineering and management, and business administration. The company's internal structure is based on partnership.

LOCOM is associated with the PTV Group worldwide.

Visit our website at and find information on more products by LOCOM Software GmbH for transport logistics management and supply chain design.

Volker Klohr
Managing Director


Logistics Designer