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Logistics Designer - Software for Planning Integrated Supply Chains and Logistics

Logistics Designer

From Supply Chain Design to Tender Management in One System

Software package Logistics Designer optimizes supply chains and logistics for industry, commerce, and logistics service providers.

Planning logistics, contracting, and controlling are all combined in one powerful tool to ensure thorough strategies and solutions for the entire chain of logistics processes.

Logistics Designer Success Stories

Budget Planning, Sony Europe Limited Thorough Budget Planning at Sony Europe Limited

Logistics Designer Creates Transparency for Logistics Budgets and Costs

Network Optimization, PAUL HARTMANN AG Logistics Network Optimization at the HARTMANN GROUP

Keeping an Eye and a Grip on the Supply Chain with Logistics Designer

Sustainable Logistics, Lorenz Snack-World Sustainable Logistics at Lorenz Snack-World

Logistics Designer Evaluates Supply Chain Emissions and Costs

Logistics Designer for Industry and Commerce

Software for Industry and Commerce: Supply Chain Planning, Freight Purchase, Controlling

Comment Logistics Management: "What we need are efficient methods and tools that mirror the complexity of worldwide supply chains."

Supply Chain Design and Network Planning

Comment Freight Procurement: "We want our calls for bids to be well-prepared and to analyze incoming tenders carefully, to be able to select the best one for every segment and region."

Freight Purchase and Tendering

Comment Controlling: "Logistics expenses are a vital key to savings. Budgets and cost drivers must remain transparent and tracked."

Logistics Controlling

Logistics Designer for Logistics Service Providers

Tender Management for Logistics Service Providers

Comment Network Design: "We need transparent and thorough planning to achieve customer satisfaction and a competitive edge."

Network Planning

Comment Tender Management: "Our tenders must be top quality, best-priced, on time and easy to produce."

Tender Management

Comment Controlling: "Once bids have been accepted, consistently transparent calculations are indispensible for prompt reaction to any changes that occur."

Logistics Controlling

Software for Your Supply Chain: Simulation, Optimization, and Analysis

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Logistics Designer